Treatment Commercial Solutions

The platform revolution for healthcare has arrived, with Treatment’s commercial solutions, developed to support diverse healthcare practitioners. Treatment’s commercial programs and services are based on a value-exchange ecosystem that provides immense benefits to clinical members, such as rewards, a secure social network for collaboration, and eventual M.D.D. Treatment GLM Accreditation. Treatment is revolutionizing healthcare by providing clinicians with the features and benefits they want most.

Rewards Distribution

Built on a secure global blockchain architecture, physician authors can receive multi-level and overarching rewards which can then be converted into a variety of benefits. This program encourages frequent, accurate feedback in order to continuously optimize the information platforms.


Memberships allow us to build a secure global platform that encourages feedback and gives us the ability to provide positive incentives through rewards distribution efforts.

Social Network

The Treatment platform is built to be both a medical source of knowledge as well as a space for physicians, healthcare professionals, and other members to communicate, collaborate, and innovate. Members can interact about clinical cases, collaborate in clinical research, and commercialize their medical practice to bring modern health and wellness practices to more of patients.