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Medical Clinic Solution

Spend your time with patients, not paperwork

Busy clinics all face a similar problem: how to do more with less. Treatment’s Medical Clinic Solution helps you run your business in a way that decreases doctor’s admin workload while increasing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Treatment’s revolutionary, scalable solution provides:

  • patient symptom data collection before they enter the exam room and delivered directly to the clinician as a SOAP note
  • access to comprehensive, unbiased health information curated by healthcare providers around the world
  • improved patient health outcomes and perceived patient satisfaction
  • more face-to-face time with patients while decreasing overall appointment time

Transform your clinic by providing doctors and patients with the information they need, when they need it.

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"I watched my doctor Google my symptoms"

Where you get your information matters. Patients and doctors deserve a better resource for continually updated, trustworthy health information. Treatment’s Global Library of Medicine (GLM) sits at the heart of Treatment’s suite of solutions.

Together with our proprietary AI engine, the Global Library of Medicine is bringing healthcare practice into the digital age by analyzing up-to-the-minute health data curated by leading doctors around the world.