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Clinical Advisor

Where your doctors turn for a second opinion

Without intelligent digital services, doctors struggle to keep up with the demands placed on them. The global need for care, new diseases and diagnostic methods, and patient record management records all must be managed within a single appointment time. Enter: Treatment Clinical Advisor.

With Treatment Clinical Advisor, healthcare providers can:

  • – consult with a trusted resource to validate diagnostic opinions
  • – stay up-to-date with emerging trends and new diseases around the world
  • – improve health outcomes by accessing comprehensive, unbiased health information
  • – provide a higher level of care by giving patients the answers they need, when they need it
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"I watched my doctor Google my symptoms."

Where you get your information matters. Patients and doctors deserve a better resource for continually updated, trustworthy health information. Treatment's Global Library of Medicine (GLM) sits at the heart of Treatment's suite of solutions. Together with our proprietary AI engine, the Global Library of Medicine is bringing healthcare practice into the digital age by analyzing up-to-the-minute health data curated by leading doctors around the world.

The GLM takes input from doctors and patients to grow more intelligent and deliver better insights over time. This will support better health decisions for patients, more efficient and effective doctor visits, and improved health outcomes for medical clinics, insurers and governments alike.

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