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The Healthcare Revolution is Here

Treatment is bringing healthcare into the digital age with the most integrated platform of medical knowledge and consumer health data in the marketplace today.

With products developed by a global team of doctors and engineers, we’re leading the way for trust and innovation in digital healthcare, and it all starts with our revolutionary, proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM).

Holistic Healthcare Platform: Limitless Possibilities

Global Library of Medicine

The most up-to-date healthcare information resource, supporting the digital revolution in healthcare.

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Digital Health App – Mobile

Get the personalized health information you need, when you need it. Download today from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Digital Health App – Web

Support your patients with an app designed to enhance their healthcare experience, in less time.

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Medical Education Solution

Tools to elevate the learning journey for the doctors of the future, all supported with next-generation technology and information.

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Medical Clinic Solution

A full package solution to deliver improved patient satisfaction by decreasing admin burden on doctors in clinics.

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Clinical Advisor

Supporting doctors with peer-reviewed information and suggested diagnoses, for the benefit of their practice and their patients.

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