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Who We Are

Treatment is a disruptive healthcare technology startup that is harnessing the power of AI to help North Americans improve their health. We spent five years working with a team of world-class doctors, engineers, mathematicians, and AI specialists to develop an AI engine that provides personalized recommendations and insights.

Our vision is better health for everyone. Now, more than ever, people are turning to digital solutions to manage their health.

We are here because we care. Our seasoned team of doctors, healthcare entrepreneurs and business experts are revolutionizing the face of healthcare to produce better health outcomes for millions of people.






What We Do

Consumer-Centric Design

Our mission is to provide insights that help people improve their health. We make healthcare information supportive, personalized and accessible so people can make better health decisions and live longer, happier lives.

Global Team of Doctors

Our healthcare technology was built by a global team of doctors who designed our AI to “think like a doctor”. It is so accurate that it is being used by a major Medical School to test and train future doctors.

Advanced AI Development

Our proprietary AI powers our personalized assessments and recommendations based on someone’s medical profile, wearable data, and individual tracking data. All designed to support better health and illness prevention.

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