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The Global Library of Medicine Team

The most advanced medical information resource needs you

Half of the world lacks access to reliable information about everyday medical symptoms. Even in highly developed countries, access to medical information can be expensive and inaccessible to individuals at the greatest risk of serious medical complications. A problem that can be measured in terms of lives and disability.

Participate in the Global Library of Medicine and help ensure that high quality medical information is available to everyone. If you are qualified to provide medical care, please join us.

Democratizing Healthcare Information

Now more than ever, the world’s medical professionals need access to up-to-the-minute, credible, geographically relevant health information. In this post-COVID world, the pressure from clinicians and patients alike for the healthcare industry to enter the Digital Age is growing fast. The Global Library of Medicine is our answer to the question: “how can healthcare around the world go digital?”

The proprietary Global Library of Medicine is built and optimized by a ever-growing global network of doctors, who are changing the face of digital healthcare by contributing their knowledge and expertise to a information resource that’s always getting smarter. Join this community of forward-thinking healthcare professionals who are changing how medicine will be delivered today and in the future.

Built to Improve Diagnosis and Care Outcomes

The GLM’s architecture includes detailed knowledge of hundreds of complex disease presentations, physical signs, pathology, anatomy, laboratory and x-ray findings, as well as detailed descriptions of where diseases are most likely to occur, how they are transmitted, and who is at the greatest risk. The multi-layered, multi-modular design of this extensive platform provides a medical value exchange to consumers, clinicians, and commercial users.