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The Healthcare Enterprise Platform Has Arrived

Powered by The Global Library Of Medicine (GLM), our AI platform is leveraging the power of big data and integrating patients, clinicians and all healthcare stakeholders around the world.

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Healthcare’s Intelligent Digital Assistant, powered by AI built by doctors to think like a doctor.

For 5 years our global team of 50 doctors and 75 engineers trained the Treatment Global Library of Medicine (GLM) AI platform to diagnose and make recommendations just like a medically trained doctor.

Launching 2021.

A Unique Real-Time Global Library Of Medicine (GLM) platform,  that connects all of healthcare.

Our agile and responsive AI-driven Global Library Of Medicine (GLM) plug-and-play agent-rich architecture takes input from doctors and patients to grow more intelligent and deliver better insights over time.

Solutions for patients, payers, medical schools, and beyond.

Our (GLM) AI system can support better health decisions for patients, more efficient and effective doctor visits and an integrated experience that improves health outcomes for medical clinics, insurers and governments.

Built by doctors.

Treatment’s Global Library Of Medicine (GLM) is built and optimized by a global network of doctors, changing the face of digital healthcare and contributing their knowledge and expertise to a resource that’s always getting smarter.

Personalized Results

In health care, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Driven by the Global Library of Medicine (GLM), Treatment Mobile considers your unique medical profile and provides a custom health assessment, so you get the best information possible.

Designed for a healthier world.

We believe in accessible health care for everyone. Treatment’s digital healthcare assistant provides a quality health assessment, wherever and whenever you need it.

Your partner in better health.

Feeling Unwell? Talk to our Digital Health Assistant, powered by (GLM)

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Meeting the highest standards.

Treatment was conceived and built by leading doctors.

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