A worldwide collaboration of medical providers working together.

Half of the world lacks access to reliable information regarding everyday medical symptoms.  Even in highly developed countries, access to medical information can be expensive and inaccessible to individuals at the greatest risk of serious medical complications.  A problem that can be measured in terms of lives and disability.     

Your participation in the creation of a global medical library can help ensure that high quality medical information is available to everyone.  If you are qualified to provide medical care, and have information of general medical interest or specific to your geographic area, please join us.

Who contributes to Treatment?

Although we appreciate the benefit of different therapeutic approaches, Treatment is focused on including evidence-based medical information. Including medical education taught in a WHO accredited Medical School or recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education or the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. This includes new evidence-based findings from high quality scientific research as well as widely accepted therapies that may lack scientific evidence but are commonly used by highly ethical, medically accredited providers.

Get Involved

Individuals interested in participating in the development of the Treatment global medical library should contact Treatment.com. If you are an accredited provider and have information that you would like to contribute, we encourage you to participate. Accepted contributions will be reimbursed through the Treatment Awards program. Our contributors are mission-driven medical providers who believe that health care information should be pertinent, trustworthy and available to everyone. 

Although we will never replace the wisdom and the support that can be provided by a trained medical professional, working together as a college of medical providers, we can empower our patients and our communities.