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More than a symptom checker, we take into consideration the medical history and individual characteristics that make each of us unique.

A health assessment tailored for you. Make better informed decisions.

Get unlimited health assessments

Start an assessment anytime, anywhere. Our AI health assistant, will ask you questions about your symptoms then quickly sort through millions of pieces of information – historical cases, demographic data, and advances in medical knowledge – to arrive at your health assessment.

Keep track of loved ones

Manage multiple profiles from a single account, letting you easily keep track of your family.

Stay connected to your Health.

Ask our AI Health Assistant to follow up and track your symptoms. As the severity or duration of your symptoms change, so will your assessment.

Share the knowledge

At any time, take your health assessment to your family doctor or share it with the people that matter to you.

Check Your Medications

Enter your prescriptions or over-the-counter medications to discover possible side effects that could be related to or causing your current symptoms.

A global health solution

Working with the University of Minnesota Medical School, we have brought together the best doctors and engineers from around the world to give you access to high-quality medical information regardless of who you are or where you live.