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The team at Treatment shares a common vision – that everyone deserves good health.

A Better Way

Two-thirds of Americans report experiencing a medical problem at least once a month. 1 billion people turn to Google to search symptoms every day.  The number of unanswered questions and uninformed answers is staggering. We believe that there is a better way. A way to find a trusted answer from an avalanche of internet medical claims. A way for each of us to make better and more informed decisions about our own health..

An Intelligent Solution

Our technology is rooted in advanced artificial intelligence that constantly learns, updates and adapts to our customer and new medical findings. Our system is unlike others in that it takes into consideration the medical history and individual characteristics of every person that can impact the likelihood of a disease — factors that other online assessment tools simply ignore.

A Global Effort

Working with colleagues at the University of Minnesota Medical School, we have brought together doctors from around the world to provide the latest and best information possible into a global library of medicine, giving you access to high quality information regardless of who you are or where you live. We continue to welcome experts and qualified healthcare professionals from around the world to contribute to our expanding global medical library.

Better access to medical knowledge has the potential to make our world a healthier place. You could be among the first to experience it. It’s your health, in your hands.