Treatment Signs Ocean Medical Agreement For The AI Driven Doctor’s Office

By December 16, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment or the (“Company”) (CSE: TRUE • OTC: TREIF • 939.F) is a healthcare technology company with a passion for supporting consumers and health care providers globally with easy, AI-driven solutions.

Today Treatment announces the first sale of its Treatment Primary Care Module, powering the next generation of AI-assisted healthcare. Using medically built artificial intelligence, the Treatment Primary Care Module will improve all aspects of the patient / doctor experience in the medical clinic setting. Powered by the rapidly expanding Global Library of Medicine and micro service AI technologies, this new solution integrates seamlessly with the medical clinics’ EMR system. This dramatically improves the patient workflow, while aiding busy medical professionals with their clinical practice.

Instead of doctors spending valuable patient time at the keyboard, entering symptoms and other critical medical information, the Treatment AI system “pre-interviews” the patient in the comfort of their home, then builds an extremely accurate list of personalized symptoms, risk factors and possible diagnoses just as the doctor would have done. Then when the patient is seen, either in the clinic or over a video link, the doctor can simply review the AI-curated evidence and make final diagnosis and treatment recommendations more accurately and quickly.

“This is transformational,” said Dr. Rob Scott, clinic owner. “The earlier pilot proved to us that this is going to be what all providers will need to stay competitive. Since the Treatment AI system interviews the patient first and writes a report in the format I would have anyway, it saves me time, allows more productive discussions with the patient, and on many occasions, reminds our busy practitioners about diagnoses they might not have considered. This is truly the next generation of health care, and we are proud to be leading the way in partnership with Treatment.”

“This agreement ensures Ocean Medical patients and providers will be working in the doctor’s office of the future and they too will become a beacon of vision for medical clinics around the globe,” says William Sigsbee, Chief Commercial Officer, “It has been a pleasure working with this visionary team and they will become a key partner for Treatment, as we release many other new products in coming months and years.”

“I am extremely proud to partner with Dr. Rob Scott and his forward-looking providers to begin a new chapter in AI-enhanced health care,” said Mr. John Fraser, CEO of Treatment. “My amazing global team of doctors and AI experts has been successful in helping providers automate the most complex part of healthcare, diagnosing and recommending treatments when we get sick – and this is just the first step in a long and exciting journey.”