Treatment Announces Global Medical Metaverse

By November 4, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment or the “Company”) (CSE: TRUE • OTC: TREIF • 939.F) is a healthcare technology company with a passion for supporting consumers and health care providers globally with easy, AI-driven solutions.

Today, Treatment is announcing its plan to build our groundbreaking global “Medical Metaverse”. The Medical Metaverse will become Treatment’s roadmap for current and future customers. Combining our rapidly expanding Global Library of Medicine and AI technologies, this new Medical Metaverse will integrate with emerging artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments, such as Meta’s (aka Facebook’s) new metaverse efforts, connecting providers, patients, and partners.

Treatment will begin by providing our global team of medical professionals with an integrated VR/AR environment to dramatically accelerate Global Library of Medicine expansion. This expanded and enhanced medical information dataset will provide unparalleled AI support for consumer medical applications, as well as outstanding support for clinical decision support and medical education.

Engaging its medical providers within virtual, immersive, and collaborative on-line environments enhances interdisciplinary collaboration across Treatment’s existing global team of medical professionals, promotes better medical understanding, and assures more equitable access to medical knowledge.

The Company also intends to enhance its medical education solutions with AR/VR to allow medical schools to train students using creative and engaging environments regardless of geopolitical boundaries or the limitations of existing medical resources.

“In our journey to change global healthcare based on the unique nature of the Treatment platform, this new medical metaverse will redefine global telehealth and healthcare in general. We will be able to provide an entirely new global care team approach. Imagine engaging top doctors in their field in an instant for one disease state. Or using intelligent avatars representing your care team for all conditions, globally and instantly. Although we are in the early design phase, medical doctors, wellness practitioners and other healthcare professionals are excited about experiencing the healthcare metaverse and providing a level of care never imagined before,” says Dr. Paul A. Markham, Chief Strategy Officer, Treatment.

“I agree with recent comments by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta/Facebook, that the next generation of the Internet will not be delivered via that tiny screen you hold in your hand,” said Mr. John Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Treatment. “We share his vision of immersive, open and creative on-line environments that will quickly attract patients, providers and developers, to deliver incredibly smart medical care to everyone.”