Treatment Unveils Value-Based Rewards Ecosystem for Healthcare

By November 2, 2021 November 3rd, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment or the (“Company”) (CSE: TRUE • OTC: TREIF • 939.F) is a healthcare technology company with a passion for supporting consumers and health care providers with easy, supportive solutions. The Company’s unique, proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM) and AI engine will be leveraged in the development of a unique value- based rewards system.

The Treatment tri-level software platform boasts a clinical layer, technical layer, and fiscal layer. Due to strong physician demand around the world to participate in Treatment’s GLM, a new model for fiscal value exchange is needed.

Now as medical professionals contribute to the GLM, they will gain rewards in the initial form of convertible, non-fungible tokens for their services. These rewards will be convertible to digital and fiat currencies in the future.

“The Treatment tri-level, global platform sets forth a unique big tech approach to healthcare and the design of the value-based rewards ecosystem. This first release will service the growing number of authors, reviewers, and publishers to the Global Library of Medicine, or as I like to call it the iTunes for doctors,” says Dr Paul A. Markham, Chief Strategy Officer, Treatment.

“As medical care moves more on-line, we need efficient mechanisms to reward our growing team of professional contributing to our global library of medical intelligence which powers our AI. The use of convertible non-fungible tokens represents a vastly faster and more efficient way to deliver value to our medical professionals, while leveraging fast growing blockchain architectures. Our contributors expect our payments and rewards systems to be as advanced as our groundbreaking AI, so I’m pleased we’ve adopted an architecture that can benefit all our smart contributors, no matter where they live,” said Mr. John Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Treatment.