Treatment Works with Award-Winning Brand Agency to Develop Cara Branding

By October 21, 2021 October 26th, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment or the (“Company”) (CSE: TRUE) is a healthcare technology company with a passion for supporting consumers with easy, supportive solutions. The Company’s unique, proprietary Global Library of Medicine and AI engine will be leveraged in their first product, an AI health assistant called Cara, available to consumers through a mobile app.

Eight months of consumer testing revealed that one of the biggest challenges of healthcare adoption is creating a supportive and caring experience for consumers. With the development of the Cara brand, Treatment has designed an approachable and friendly AI character. Cara will help consumers throughout their healthcare journey, across all future components of the vast platform technology. Treatment enlisted the help of award-winning branding agency, Rethink, to design the Cara brand direction to disrupt traditional healthcare experiences and create a fun experience for the consumer.

“Before we could build the Cara character, we needed to define Treatment’s driving philosophy: that health management should extend beyond the doctor’s office. Cara is that driving philosophy brought to life: knowledgeable, reassuring, trustworthy, and there for you every step of the way. Our job as the creative agency partner was to develop Cara’s personality and visuals — it’s been an exciting challenge for our team,” says Darren Yada, Managing Partner, Strategy at Rethink.

Treatment’s much anticipated first product, Cara, is a virtual assistant that will leverage Treatment’s GLM and AI engine, and will be made available to consumers through a mobile app.