Treatment Collaborates with University of Minnesota Medical School to test AI

By October 12, 2021 October 26th, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment” or “The Company”) (CSE: TRUE), (OTC: TREIF), a healthcare AI technology company, has collaborated with the University of Minnesota Medical School (U of M Medical School) to test its innovative and proprietary healthcare AI.

Dr. Kevin A. Peterson, MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP and Chief Medical Officer of Treatment, says, “By working with the U of M medical students, we have the opportunity to test our AI approach against textbook medical school cases. The students also have the opportunity to challenge their knowledge against the AI engine, furthering their understanding of primary care diagnostic assessments and providing an opportunity to support doctors in making better clinical evaluations in the future.”

The U of M Medical School’s faculty will be rigorously testing Treatment’s AI engine, named MERLIN, and evaluating its ability to improve and assist the healthcare assessments of third-and fourth-year medical students. The testing will assess the MERLIN’s ability to successfully identify the most common diseases based on a patient’s presentation of symptoms.

“So much of primary care can be captured in the top 500 diseases. When we can confidently assess and treat those conditions, the health of the entire population stands to improve. With more rigorous testing, our AI platform improves even more and offers us additional opportunities to use our technology with doctors in real medical clinics and environments,” says Dr. Peterson.

In addition to MERLIN, Cara, Treatment’s much anticipated first product, is a mobile application for health assessment that will leverage the same AI engine tested by the U of M Medical School. Cara is set to launch this year.