Press unveils a new medical library to create the future of AI healthcare.

By July 26, 2021 August 10th, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (CSE: TRUE), a healthcare AI technology company, announces the completion of the world’s most advanced medical database known as the Global Library of Medicine (GLM), creating a new category of tools in healthcare delivery.  This medical library is the foundation of’s AI system that can assess patients and will be integrated into products that offer improved patient safety, cost of care, prevention, and overall healthcare outcomes. has pioneered a new approach to building a medical library which provides individually tailored and intelligently processed knowledge, as opposed to the general data that most medical databases run from. The multi-layered, multi-modular design of this extensive platform provides a medical value exchange to consumers, clinicians, and commercial users. 

Built by a growing consortium of more than 50 doctors from 4 continents, the GLM’s architecture includes detailed knowledge of hundreds of complex disease presentations, physical signs, pathology, anatomy, laboratory and x-ray findings, as well as detailed descriptions of where diseases are most likely to occur, how they are transmitted, and who is at the greatest risk. 

According to CEO John Fraser, “This unique artificial intelligence platform introduces a new way to access healthcare information and support decisions that we believe will truly change the face of healthcare. The GLM provides up-to-date intelligent processing of information from leading medical textbooks, scientific articles, epidemiology, and clinical experience to meet the increasing demands of modern medical applications. The GLM will be used to empower consumers through the mobile app Cara, provide diagnostic support for clinicians, educators, and commercial users such as payers, ACO’s, clinical research organizations, pharma and the biotech world.”

 “The immediate focus of the GLM is to demonstrate the ability of this powerful platform to improve access to individually tailored medical knowledge and support clinical decision making among consumers and medical professionals. The GLM Generation One is a starting point for a next-gen system to enrich, optimize and improve medical practice, medical education and healthcare orchestration, through the use of artificial intelligence.” said Dr. Kevin A. Peterson, MD, MPH, FRCS(Ed), FAAFP Chief Medical Officer of will launch its first product, a consumer mobile app Cara this fall.