Press’s Innovative Healthcare AI is Put to the Test by Doctors

By June 2, 2021 October 26th, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (“Treatment or the “Company”) (CSE: TRUE) is a healthcare technology company that has developed an exclusive AI software to think like a doctor. Using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning, paired with a global team of doctors, Treatment has created an engine that can assess symptoms and provide a probable diagnosis with the same reasoning approach as a trained doctor. is founded by John Fraser, a computer scientist and entrepreneur with a background in healthcare technology, and Dr. Kevin Peterson, a leading doctor and tenured professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. Together, their combined expertise has brought the latest in modern technology to the Western medical field with the mission to make healthcare information more accessible and improve healthcare around the globe. The Treatment AI engine will be leveraged to support consumer healthcare decisions, and integrated into the medical industry to improve costs and efficiencies of care.

“In developing this technology, we knew we had to build it from the ground up, in the exact way that doctors are taught in medical school. We built out a team of leading doctors, and we tested our AI in a real medical setting in a busy medical clinic and also with a leading medical school. The doctors vetted the results including the accuracy and efficiency of the patient on-boarding; our AI tool made their visits more effective and improved overall care,” says CEO, John Fraser.

“The ability to process thousands of data points and analyze a patient’s symptoms is a significant achievement for the medical community. This tool uses a patient’s unique medical profile to better understand the probability of a diagnosis and to suggest the best next steps. Our AI can act as a powerful tool for health care professionals and medical schools to test diagnoses and to provide the doctor with a detailed medical history that makes each visit more informed and accurate,” said Chief Medical Officer Kevin Peterson. will be launching its first product, a consumer mobile app called Cara this summer.