New Cara Mobile App Improves Health Decisions

By May 20, 2021 No Comments is a healthcare technology company that has developed an AI platform to help make better health decisions. Treatment is launching their first product, Cara.Health that will leverage the proprietary AI to provide health insights and health management in a supportive digital tool.

1 billion consumers turn to Google every day to look up a health question. The results are not personalized or considerate of their health history, and can lead to confusion and fear. Cara’s AI takes into account each individual’s health profile and symptoms to provide a more accurate and personalized recommendation about what they might have.

“With Cara, the consumer can simply type in a symptom that’s bothering them, and get a very accurate and unique assessment for the condition they might have, as well as information about treatment and prevention, says John Fraser, CEO of, the founders of Cara.Health. “We know this will help millions of people, especially those who have regular health concerns or who are looking after their family and having to make healthcare decisions every day.”

Cara’s AI technology will provide intelligent follow-up to the consumer to ensure they are getting the healthcare support and management they need. The AI engine builds a unique health profile around each individual by pulling in a multitude of data inputs, including wearable smart technology and other digital healthcare monitoring and tracking apps.

The Cara mobile app is powered by a next-generation AI software engine that was developed by a global team of doctors over the last 5 years. Paired with the ability to track, monitor and follow up with every user, and their family members, the Cara app is designed to truly help put healthcare power in the patient’s hands.

The Cara app is launching for free this summer in Canada and US. CEO John Fraser comments, “with better information, consumers can make better decisions, and their overall health will be better managed.”