Treatment’s healthcare AI developed by over 40 doctors.

By May 4, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (CSE: TRUE) has developed the most sophisticated medical AI engine to “think like a doctor”.

The Company enlisted a team of leading doctors and engineers around the world to train its AI to process information and provide insights in the same way a doctor would. Its exclusive technology was developed from the ground up by doctors, and as a result, its ability to absorb unique and complex health information and reason like a doctor to provide an accurate assessment is unparalleled., led by its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin Peterson, assembled a team of 40 doctors to build a global library of medical knowledge specifically designed to train the AI. The AI was tested by a top 10 North American medical school, and it was so effective that the university is using it to test and train future doctors.
“I have been practicing and teaching medicine for over 35 years, and I am particularly excited by the ability of our AI to perform complex medical reasoning. The software can support and empower all of us in making better health decisions,” said Dr. Peterson.

“The applications of the technology are boundless. By understanding disease in the same way that a doctor was taught, the AI provides a medical perspective that can improve consumer health decisions or support doctors in their everyday clinical decisions. By improving everyone’s access to medical knowledge, we can promote prevention, provide earlier identification of medical problems, enhance access to medical care, and support treatments that can improve the lives of billions of people.”

The first product to use this ground-breaking resource will be’s Cara mobile application. Providing a symptom-based assessment for consumers, Cara is designed to assess the context of a medical problem, and to collect and track personalized information that can help a consumer make better health decisions. Cara is scheduled to be released summer 2021.