Press uses sophisticated AI to improve the healthcare of consumers

By April 28, 2021 May 4th, 2021 No Comments International Inc. (CSE: TRUE), is a disruptive healthcare technology company that is harnessing the power of AI to help Canadians improve their health. developed an innovative AI engine to make personalized healthcare recommendations that support consumers in improving their health.

For over 5 years a global team of doctors helped to train’s AI to think like a doctor. The global Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant shift in consumer demand for more accessible, personalized and empowering digital healthcare tools. Consumers want access to timely health information from the comfort, safety and convenience of their homes. Advances in AI technology allow the Company to deliver more personalized health data that enables individuals to take immediate action to benefit their health.

“Our AI engine is unlike any other on the market. We take into account a number of personalized, real-time healthcare variables about the consumer, and our AI uses machine learning to think like a doctor and compute a recommendation that is completely personalized to that individual,” says John Fraser, Founder and CEO of

The first product that will utilize the power of the AI engine, is a consumer mobile app called Cara and will be launched Canada-wide in Summer 2021. The Cara app will use the AI to provide more personalized symptom assessments and recommendations, follow up like a doctor, and help track symptoms and health concerns. Through rigorous consumer research, the Cara team learned that caregivers carry the burden of making healthcare decisions for many of their family members. The Cara app is designed to not only track individual symptoms and provide recommendations, but it can be used to support the whole family.

The Cara AI system is designed to build a supportive, caring and long-lasting relationship with the consumer. Cara will continually check-in with the user, providing helpful insights about their, and their family’s health, so they can make better health decisions, and live healthier, longer lives.

“We are excited to announce Cara, a mobile app that leverages the power of our AI engine to help consumers improve their health through personalized recommendations and insights. We look forward to the Canadian launch of the app this Summer,” said John Fraser, CEO of