Press – Building the Smartest Artificial Intelligence (AI) System for Healthcare

By April 21, 2021 August 17th, 2021 No Comments

“AI has no greater purpose than improving the health of everyone”, says CEO John Fraser.

Every day, one billion people turn to Google to inquire about their health concerns. saw the opportunity to provide more accurate results backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. They created easy and supportive digital tools to help people make important decisions and improve their health. Cara,’s AI health assistant, will support moms, dads, families and patients with trusted information about their health.

Treatment’s AI is built and maintained by a global network of doctors, contributing their knowledge and expertise to a proprietary AI engine that’s always getting smarter. Their doctors work 24/7 to build a world class global medical library, a resource for personalized, reliable health information. Their sophisticated AI engine is applicable to many sectors of healthcare including the consumer, physician, and, insurance and provider communities. This hyper-personalized approach to health care will provide better health insights that will have a profound impact on improving health outcomes.

“Working with leading North American medical schools has been transformative,” said CEO John Fraser. “We have brought together the best doctors and engineers from around the world to teach Cara how to think like a doctor and provide a more accurate recommendation than any other digital tool out there.”