Press sending MERLIN to medical school

By November 12, 2018 April 19th, 2021 No Comments Incorporated is pleased to announce the completion of MERLIN, the artificial intelligence (AI) engine that will change how the world receives health care.  We are now planning on sending MERLIN to a major academic medical center for primary care training. 

High quality health care in the US and across the globe is costly and limited. Around the world, one in three people have no regular connection with a medical provider. Questionable recommendations and unreliable information have overwhelmed the Internet, making it difficult for non-experts to find reasonable solutions to even common problems.  MERLIN is an advanced mathematics and probabilistic engine designed to provide high quality medical information, so individuals can make better decisions about their health care.

Much more than a ‘symptom checker’, MERLIN is designed to consider important personal health information, current medications, and allergies, help individuals consider new concerns, suggest tests, and provide personally tailored information about the likelihood of specific diseases and possible treatments.  Like having a medical expert in your pocket, MERLIN helps individuals get rapid access to reliable medical information relevant to themselves.  Providing individually tailored health tips and lifestyle advice, MERLIN simplifies access to prescription and nonprescription medicines, leverages the efficiencies of online medical providers, supports complementary and alternative treatments, and even provides access to traditional Chinese medicines.  By providing easy access to high quality medical information, MERLIN can enhance the effectiveness of existing health care systems, and help individuals become more informed and more proactive when they become a patient.

CEO John Fraser said, “I am honored to work side-by-side with our fantastic, global team to assemble the smartest, most advanced medical software ever made.  Our team has done an amazing job in building a smart, scalable solution, with the capability of running in the private and secure Google Cloud or behind the existing firewalls of large health care systems. By combining physicians, math and statistic experts, and an outstanding global team of AI experts, we have been able to bring together the best and brightest to address an important need at scale.  We have finished building MERLIN.  Once MERLIN has completed his medical training, we will be launching a beta service in Minneapolis and Vancouver to validate the service before launching first in North America, then globally.  I want to thank everyone involved for their dedication, hard work and commitment to this important new service.”

About Inc – Inc is a Minneapolis/Saint Paul based company with a global team of experts from around the world.  Our goal is to change the way health care is delivered, moving it from bricks and mortar to on-line, from medical text books to artificial intelligence.  If you have further questions about, please see for further information.