Press unveil plans to launch major STO offering of TREATMENT COIN– Healthcare’s AI Driven Blockchain Currency

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN (May16, 2018) —, a Minnesota Based healthcare AI & cryptocurrency solutions company, announced the first glimpse of its Secure Token Offering (STO), for TREATMENT COIN. This press release demonstrates a strong commitment to the healthcare and the blockchain community, by uniquely applying Artificial intelligence expertise and methodology to the blockchain ecosystem. The overarching goal is smarter, faster ether, creating a new secure transactional platform for global healthcare.

This bolsters the AI Driven Blockchain Ecosystem, with the addition of the secure token for our tri chain architecture. Thus, creating a new secure financial layer of the platform.  According to John Fraser, serial tech entrepreneur, President and CEO, “We are truly excited to announce our STO and cryptocurrency plans to the world. Throughout my career, I have been committed to improving the fiscal performance and efficiency of the healthcare system. Initially, my first company, now nearing unicorn status, led the way by deploying the internet protocol to seamlessly automate financial payments to medicare. This was followed by a second hi-tech company monetizing the data sharing aspect of multiple electronic medical records. Finally, at Treatment, with the launch of the TREATMENT STO and associated token, we aim to truly rewrite the digital asset and financial rules in this market. This move has the ability to revolutionize the entire payment system with impact to all stakeholders in healthcare, globally.”

TREATMENT COINTM – Healthcare’s Transaction Currency is set to democratize all digital asset flow and numerous financial aspects of the healthcare continuum. The unique aspect of the Secure Token Offering (STO) is the fact that early adopter demand will be led by physician publishers around the world, and the fact that healthcare is being touted as a safe harbor for the emerging cryptocurrency realm. “After decades in the business, I am certain this launch will send shock waves through the industry. We will use disruptive innovation fundamentals to slowly enter and diffuse throughout. The marketplace has spent untold billions on attempting to transform healthcare from the technical and clinical perspectives, with limited success. However, the major driver and challenge in healthcare is and remains to be, the financial aspect. This sets forth the ability to transform financial transactions between all stakeholders in healthcare and thereby drive technical interoperability and clinical outcomes.” as stated by Dr Paul A Markham, Chief Strategy Officer of Treatment.

About Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Platform

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Treatment’s, MerlinTM – Enterprise intelligence Platform (EIP) driving a unique blockchain ecosystem, delivers a unique suite of modules serving the consumer, clinical and commercial stakeholders in healthcare.  Furthermore, the Merlin Platform brings forth superiority over conventional artificial intelligence solutions, by delivering hybrid commercial pricing models, challenging traditional care models. The platform allows for information exchange, commercial value exchange and commercial software development.