Press unveils AI Driven Tri Chain Blockchain Ecosystem

By September 10, 2017 January 7th, 2021 No Comments unveils AI Driven Tri Chain Blockchain Ecosystem

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (Sept 10, 2017) —, a Minnesota Based based healthcare AI solutions company, announced the first glimpse of its revolutionary AI Driven Tri Chain Blockchain Ecosystem.

According to John Fraser, serial tech entrepreneur, President and CEO, “This unique use of artificial intelligence to optimize blockchain efficiency, brings forth an entirely new ethos to blockchain and healthcare in general. Our tri-chain architecture was purposely designed to service the many and varied stakeholders in healthcare. On-chain will service the payer and commercial world, and our two off chain segments accommodate the provider and patient community respectively. We believe the AI driven tri chain model has benefits for other industries. Merlin’s AI Driven Blockchain Ecosystem is built by pioneers in the blockchain community is tandem with physicians. This has ability to manage limitless categories of data consumers, diagnostic clinicians and commercial users, such as payers, ACO’s, clinical research organizations, pharma and the biotech world.”

Merlin – AI Driven Blockchain Ecosystem creates an entirely new blockchain and AI category, due to the underpinning master node superstructure and wide reach of modules and applications. The tri chain blockchain architecture is access using next generation interactive BOT technology, personalized based on your role in healthcare. The On-Chain segment provides seamless intelligent secure nodal access by financial and merchants stakeholders. via FinBOT. The first Off-Chain segment provides seamless intelligent secure nodal access by physicians, clinicians and other medical stakeholders. via ClinBOT. The second Off-Chain segment  provides seamless intelligent secure nodal access by patients via CareBOT.

“After years in the blockchain community, I was excited to see the use of AI to address some of the weaknesses of blockchain, regarding speed of digital assets. believe Treatment delivers the requirements. architecture, delivering a comprehensive set of Amazonian level possibilities.” as stated by Dr Paul A Markham, Chief Strategy Officer of Treatment.

About Healthcare’s Artificial Intelligence Platform

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Treatment’s, MerlinTM – Enterprise intelligence Platform (EIP) delivers a unique suite of modules serving the consumer, clinical and commercial stakeholders in healthcare.  Furthermore, the Merlin Platform brings forth superiority over conventional artificial intelligence solutions, by delivering hybrid commercial pricing models, challenging traditional care models. The platform allows for information exchange, commercial value exchange and commercial software development.